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A personal project and a labour of love, this animation was an exercise in integrating 3D imagery with video footage.

Shot on a Canon 5D MkII without any kind of camera stabilisation3D tracking and match moving was successfully achieved using Syntheyes. The 3D car was then lit and rendered with Vray and integrated with the footage afterwards in Nuke. Lighting and reflections were achieved using the spherical HDR panorama shot on set. Scaling the scene was the biggest challenge because I neglected to take any measurements on set for scale reference. Post production colour grading and lens flares were then applied to the combined images to get a more integrated and moody look.  Whilist there a few things that could be improved, (particularly the tracking at the start and the lack of dirt on the car tyres), overall I am quite happy with the result.

Click the image below to watch the animation.


A little bit about the location:

This old tram depot houses the trams that used to run the streets of Sydney in the early to mid 1900s. They were abandoned here in the mid 1990s and have since deteriorated due to neglect and abuse. However there is something quite amazing about this place. These trams have been loved in a very different way since then, being an underground backdrop for street art, parties, and photography (not to mention shelter for the homeless) for many years.

Sadly, as of 2011, the site has been purchased for residential development and the trams have since been removed, to where I am currently unsure. I recently saw a photograph of one being burnt to the ground at burning hill Randwick Workshops.

spherical HDR panorama  

Photo by Noel Reed